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BYGH Tax Consulting is a highly specialized property tax services. Our team of tax professionals possesses over 25 years of combined experience navigating varying economic and market conditions. We are all veterans of the "Big 4" accounting firms who have come together to serve our clients in a more attentive and client focused manner. This client centric approach and long tenures in the property tax industry make us an ideal partner for business owners and management teams seeking value-added services.

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Our team strives for excellence in rendering assessment and tax management services to clients and in maintaining high standards and professional image within the diverse municipal assessment and taxation environments.

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Lee Baesler started Baesler & Associates on June 18th, 2009 to provide income tax consulting services. The goal then is the same today, to provide attentive and focused client service. Along the way we attracted others who felt as we do, which has allowed Baesler & Associates to expand the number of associates and increase its product offering to include credit and incentive consulting. The firm has experienced significant growth since its inception and four new associates Stephen Grace, Suzanne Hawkins, and Katie Hartig have become part of the team. So on January 1, 2012, Baesler & Associates became BYGH Tax Consulting and launched the all-new byghtax.com site. We all hope that you take some time to look around at the information on our website so that you can get a clearer picture of who we are. In July, 2014 BYGH was restructured to focus on providing world class Property Tax services and continue with this charge to today.


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